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Ellymayfly's Opossum Enclosure
Opossum Enclosure

Next on our docket, an opossum enclosure! Currently, our opossum joeys (baby opossums) are housed in incubators or small pet carriers, depending on their size--which is common practice. As they grow and get closer to a releasable size they get moved outside into large crates to better acclimate them and help them build their foraging, climbing, and nesting skills before their release. This meets the minimum requirements set by the State to rehabilitate opossums, but the highest standard of care is our goal.


With that, it is our hope to build an enclosure as elaborate and unique as possible to better suit a hand raised opossum's needs. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page for updates and ways to contribute to the construction and funding directly related to this project!

Pictured here is an enclosure that our friend, Sarah, has at her facility (Ellymayfly's Turtle and Opossum Rescue). Click the picture to visit her Facebook page! Her work is an inspiration to us. 

Scout The Fox
Fox Enclosure

By next year, it is our hope to expand our operation to be able to assist in the rehabilitation of our wild foxes, including orphans. In order to do this, a pretty extensive enclosure will have to be built and inspected by the DNR. It is going to be pretty financially pressing and a time consuming process. After we get our upgraded opossum enclosure built, we will be working diligently to draft a plan to set this goal into motion. 

If this is a project you would be interested in contributing to specifically, please contact us.