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Critter Crossing Expansion--
Under Construction!


If there’s one thing we can learn from our wild patients, it is ability to adapt in order to better survive.

Last year, we were feeling the extensive growing pains of the demand superceeding our supply of space, energy, and resources. It was time to pursue expansion and our supporters helped us fundraise a sizeable nest egg while we were in search of the “perfect property.”

A year and a half later, with many properties viewed and considered, most were out of budget in this challenging market, and the ones that weren’t out of budget were beautiful for wildlife but unbuildable sites.

We were beginning to feel the massive pressure of setting a goal, being supported in that goal, and being unable to achieve it. We limped our way through another year without nearly enough resources, with donations at an all-time low, and motivation dwindling away. Something needed to be done. We needed to adapt.

We began our search for rental properties over the summer, and started pondering the idea of a storefront space. In our search, we found a building for SALE and threw an offer in.

In December 2022, we closed on that building and obtained occupancy.

This bilevel, 1,684 square foot historic building in the Village of Dryden will be Critter Crossing’s new home. A wildlife clinic. For intakes, triage, and nursing care.

In these walls, we will finally be able to open up opportunities for on-site volunteers and internship programs since we will no longer be operating out of a small room in a private residence. This means we can better keep up with the demand of injured and orphaned wildlife.

Keep in mind, the wildlife clinic space is NOT open to the public per the law and the animals’ best interests. BUT, we do plan to use the front part of the “store” as just that. A place for educational presentations, events for the org, children’s events, and some CCR merchandise and vendor items. Maybe even LiveCams to see what we are up to. A place to network and get more exposure as a growing nonprofit, and for our supporters to learn and see that we are doing what we said we would do.

With that being said, we have a lot of work to do to get things set up and functional for our intended use.

We are continuously fundraising for our new “home”. We have many projects ahead before we can get our DNR inspection as to amend our permit; including setting up our intake area, building animal housing units, installing doors to separate rooms for patients of different needs, and even installing flooring. But we also have to be cognizant of new operating costs: the monthly mortgage, electric, utilities etc. As we adapt our budget, we need the financial cushion of your support while we get set up and settled in all while still ensuring our current patients have funds for their care.

It’s a big leap. A big change. But we are ready to adapt. Your support has gotten us this far, and we would not have been successful in helping hundreds of animals year after year if not for you. We would not even have this incredible opportunity to purchase a building if not for you. You all have inspired us to adapt as we have, and we are incredibly excited to see where this journey continues to take us as a community.

Thank you. From the very bottom of our hearts…thank you for your past, current and future support. 

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