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Critter Crossing Expansion--Capital Campaign

In 2018, when Critter Crossing Rehabilitation was first established, it was meant to be a helping hand, just here-and-there, to aid injured & orphaned wildlife.

Simply by word-of-mouth and a great need in our area for wildlife rehabilitators, Critter Crossing continued to expand at a fast and overwhelming pace. Annual intake numbers grew steadfast, more than doubling each year.

Operating from a private residence, unfortunately, many phone calls & animals are turned away due to space, time, and volunteer restraints. It’s become apparent that CCR has grown to be larger-than-life, and we are at a fork in the road where we will either sink or swim. We are hoping our supporters will help us do the latter.

In order to keep up with the demand & avoid burning out, we are purchasing land that will belong solely to CCR, it’s volunteers and most importantly, a safe place for the many animals that come into our care.

For those that do not know, our founder, directors & most of our volunteers work full time jobs. Having a space where a small facility can be erected will provide us with a headquarters where a rotating volunteer staff can intake, treat, and care for animals all in one place and without having conflict of entering a private residence. This will open up volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping wildlife, as well as, most notably, increasing our accessibility to aid more animals.

In the far future, we plan to expand this land to include educational opportunities to the public, children’s activities, and housing non-releasable animals in a humane fashion (such animals that would otherwise face euthanasia.)

With more space, we can create more natural habitats for our rehab patients but can also expand our scope of practice regarding what species we can intake—fawns being at the top of our list as we have to turn many Lapeer County fawns away as our current space doesn’t legally allow us to treat them. Also on the list would be flight cages for raptors, as we currently have to transfer them after stabilization and treatment. We would also be establishing a songbird department, as we are not currently licensed or equipped to handle baby birds, and there’s a definitive need for such in our area. Eventually, actual paid employment opportunities may even become within reach.

But first…we need the land.

We have applied for a loan to purchase land for this dream of ours, and though we believe we could make monthly payments without issue, we do need money for a down payment. We estimate this amount to be around $20,000.

This number is staggering, intimidating, and at first glance sounds insane. However, we have felt the strong and steady pull from our supporters for 3 years now, keeping us afloat and then some. We have felt the cries for help, and the guilt of having to turn calls down. It’s a weight we do not carry lightly and an amount we wish to no longer have to carry. We have shared wins & losses, trials and tribulations. We have celebrated our nature & our local wildlife together. We have our roots firmly planted into the ground, intertwined with all of you, our public supporters.

Now, it’s simply time to transplant.

Critter Crossing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and as such, all donations are tax-deductible. Facebook does not charge any processing fees to donate on their platform, but we do also accept PayPal donations at www.PayPal.me/crittercrossing or check donations mailed to PO Box 233 Dryden, MI, 48428.

If you or your business is interested in donating in large or matching donations, please e-mail your inquiry to crittercrossingrehab@gmail.com

We will be happy to adorn our new enclosures, buildings & grounds with your (or your businesses) namesake.

Thank you for your continued love & support throughout this crazy journey. We will continue to strive to be the best rehabilitators we can be in the meantime. We are so indebted to all of our supporters, volunteers, mentors & colleagues who believe in us and our mission.♥️

LINK TO FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER: https://www.facebook.com/donate/845949092962569/

Opossum Enclosure--COMPLETED

We've long been waiting to upgrade our outdoor enclosure space for our opossums. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to purchase the supplies needed to build one. 

This enclosure will be used to house baby opossums and better prepare them for release as they grow & advance their climbing and foraging skills! It will be filled with branches, foliage, hollow logs etc...items which will be switched around from time to time to keep things interesting for them. 

Thank you for funding this project!

Fox Enclosure--COMPLETED

We are now officially open to accept fox kits & injured adults! Thanks to our donors and friends that helped us construct and prepare this space we were able to help two foxes in 2021 to be rehabilitated and released!